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There comes a point in life when you feel the need to start doing something towards your inner calling, which ignites you from within; otherwise you will sabotage yourself.

Art has been present in my life from the very beginning, and my passion for painting has evolved over the years. There are no coincidences, there are only signs, persistence and desire to express thoughts, feelings, and reflection through art.

I paint so that the picture is not just a decorative element, but also runs through the personal space of the recipient, creating a close relation with them. By putting a lot of energy into the creative process, the work is supposed to hypnotically attract, open the mind and heart of the recipient and, above all, strengthen them in following their own dreams and goals.

I believe that art needs to be understood less and felt more through the prism of one’s associations,emotions, visions. Each person understands the artist’s work in their own unique way, attributing the work of its own meaning. Usually, the recipient does not know the experiences or thoughts of the author, therefore I can boldly say that the painting is “never” finished, because there are as many new impressions and thoughts as there are people.

About me

F R E E D O M – is one of the most important values in my life and work. When I paint I get myself into a state of meditation. Painting gives me freedom and space to express myself.

I D E A – I start each painting with a characteristic intuitive brush and spatula stroke, which then determines the composition of the painting. There is no further coincidence, there is an idea to accomplish. I must feel that all the compositional elements harmonize with one another. I like experimenting with colours (each colour has a different effect on us), shapes, differentpainting techniques, objects and structures. Often I complete paitings with orginal Swarovski cristals, amber, glass, schlagmetal, resin, natural minerals, etc.

A B S T R A C T I O N – clears my mind, places it simultaneously in the metaphysical and real world. Ever since I can remember, I have always been interested in everything that is tangible as well as ephemeral, ethereal, enigmatic. These words bring me closer to all kinds of extraordinary and energy phenomena, nature, the space around us. The limitation of my message is only the size of the canvas.

R E A L I S M – Due to my dual nature and maintaining an artistic balance, apart from painting abstract paintings, I also find fulfilment in realistic painting. It gives me completely different experience. In abstraction I can allow myself total lightness, freedom of shapes and the phenomenon of entropy. Realism requires more patience, concentration and regularity.

C O L O U R S – The symbolism of colours is of great importance to me. Numerous trips around southern Europe, North Africa and life in Spain had a great influence on the colours of my paintings. They became more intense, more lively. The admiration for the world is my main inspiration. While paintingI often choose a lead colour complementing it with a contrasting tone. The starting point when creating a painting is often the photos I take. I photograph landscape, architecture, people andnature. I study deeply the structures of plants, trees, rocks, etc., sometimes in microscopic form, and thenI transform them into a geometric form.

C I R C L E, T R I A N G L E & S Q U A R E – There are always geometric shapes and numerous lines in every painting, as well as positive signs of symbolic meaning, coming from differentcultures. In my works, you can see inspiration, for instance, from the culture of the Middle East, especially in terms ofarchitecture, hence the visible small ornaments. You can also see elements related with products of applied art and my passion for design.

I also create cycles of cities, landscapes,women in geometric way with realistic elements.